“20 years from now the Aliens will return to Earth”, Erich Von Daniken claims

The world-famous author of the book “Chariot of the Gods” which talks about the alien life forms that have ruled over our planet for many eons, has recently stated in an interview that aliens will be coming back within the next 20 years or so, as they have always planned on it and they will not go back on their promise.

The proof is all around us according to him, as we are not native to this planet to begin with, we are beings made from their alien DNA, and we will be reunited by the end of the century for sure.

While he was celebrating his 50-year anniversary of what is possibly one of the most famous alien related books out there, Erich Von Daniken brought with him a series of images, videos and animations which were all meant to showcase the fact that back in the good old days when Earth was still in its diapers, we were the aliens being left off on this crazy alien planet.

They are our creators, or so he says, and they will come back once we are ready to be reunited with them. They know when the time is right because we are all part of their DNAs, we have them written in our bibles and we have all of these myths written everything about them and their arrival.

Erich Von Daniken stated that in the Bible it clearly states that visitors from elsewhere came to Earth and these visitors had intercourse with our daughters, which resulted in us, the new generation, the homo sapiens. In all of these stories, the result is always the same: We will be reunited as these Gods will eventually return and collect us from this planet and take us to our original base.

While he was explaining all of this, Erich received the Citizen Awards prize from none other than Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, aka the director of the famous Ancient Aliens TV series.

While he was taking the prize, he continued talking about how this happened thousands of years ago, and how he was so excited to finally get to meet these distant cousins of ours. While different, both genetically and mentally, we are all related at the end of the day, so there’s no reason as to why they would want to do us any harm.

They left us here, primitive and scared, and they waited for us to mature enough to be welcomed in their reigns. All that we need is to accept them and we will be treated as royalty there.


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